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  • What is a REVS check?

    AUCN allows you to explore the prescribed Grammatical category Prop Securities Registry (PPSR) for financial interests on a vehicle. Anterior to 2012, this armed service was provided by the nation founded REVS (Cash register of Encumbered Vehicles) or VSR (Fomite Securities Register).

    What is REVS?

    Purchasing a used railcar throne be guileful byplay.

    AUCN(https://aucn.net profit.au) was created to assist Aboriginal Australian secondhand machine buyers do the right on checks on cars they destine on purchasing.

    Did you experience that if you buy a ill-used machine with money outstanding to a financier from a previous owner, it could be repossessed?

    It’s true, if you don’t determine for fiscal encumbrances (REVS check) you could terminate up losing the car you have good purchased.

    In front purchasing a exploited vehicle you should ever do a REVS break to go steady if there is whatsoever money owed on the fomite you are purchasing.

    Fair put down the Fomite Identification Act (VIN) into the lookup boxful on this page and we will address you to the most comp REVS checks and fomite account checks in Australia.

    Tips for buying a ill-used auto in Australia

    Looking at o’er the put-upon railcar and having a physics inspection performed are necessary steps. Nevertheless in that location are more or less really crucial things that crapper however remain a secret.

    For instance:

    Is the railcar very the unmatched it is suppositious to be, and does the VIN, locomotive and enrollment count play off up?

    Has it been reported purloined or always written-remove?

    Is in that respect crystalise entitle on the fomite?

    Has the hodometer been furled bet on?

    When the car was get-go sold, the ZIP of low gear sales agreement and for what aim it was purchased (taxi, renting car, etc)?

    Why do I involve to do a REVS discipline?

    If you buy a fomite from a private trafficker who has an owing lend sessile to the fomite (this is called an encumbrance), the vehicle could be repossessed and you could suffer your money.

    You toilet fit the PPSR (previously known as REVS — Record of Encumbered Vehicles) on aucn.profit.au to shape if the vehicle is encumbered. In accession to doing a PPSR/REVS check, we likewise recommend purchasing a fomite account theme that includes entropy near whether the railway car has been written-off, stolen, outpouring tarnished or whether the mileometer has been rolling cover.

    Doing a PPSR/REVS stoppage is the simplest direction to forestall repossession by a moneyman if person else lull owes money on the vehicle. If the fomite is encumbered, you should non leverage it until you are slaked with the arrangements made by the current proprietor to return the debt.

    You require to be for certain that the registration, railway locomotive and Vehicle Identification (VIN/Chassis) numbers on the readjustment document are identical to those on the fomite.

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