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  • Transalta To Cease Highvale Coal Mine By End Of 2021

    98A cage or mine car that is used for transporting persons shall be in the charge of a qualified person. The qualified person referred to in subsections to shall make a record of each inspection and test carried out by the person in a book kept for that purpose. At least once every month, a qualified person shall test the overspeed governor referred to in paragraph 84. 89Couplings, pins and rope clamps shall be designed with a factor of safety of not less than six. The employer shall keep a record of the heat treatment referred to in paragraph at the coal mine in which the equipment that is heat treated is used. Subject to subsection 89, the couplings of a cage or mine car shall be used only in conjunction with safety chains or safety ropes that are of sufficient strength to hold the maximum load for which the cage or mine car is designed in the event that the coupling chain breaks. The results of the trial winds referred to in subsection 79 shall be recorded by the hoist operator in a hoist operator’s record book kept for that purpose.

    You can make a one-time or a monthly donation of any amount and cancel at any time . «The final step is for Canada to end its practice of exporting Canadian and U.S. thermal coal around the world,» said Julia Levin of Environmental Defence. «I don’t see a plan by the federal government that Canadians understand that are replacing these jobs. That’s what we need.» He added the policy gives more certainty to other companies considering similar projects. «What we’re saying is this is something that does not fit from a public policy perspective,» Wilkinson said. «A proponent can continue on through the process, but that’s a pretty high bar to surmount.» Tens of thousands of hectares along the province’s mountainous western spine have been leased for www.villagevancouver.ca coal exploration. Savage said she has directed coal companies to stop exploration and the companies have indicated they will co-operate.

    How Much Carbon Pollution Is Associated With This Mine?

    For example, the AQBAT model predicts that over the period 2019–2055 the Regulations would reduce mortality risks in Nova Scotia, resulting in approximately 90 fewer premature deaths in the province. However, this does not mean that there will be 90 specific, identifiable individuals who will be «saved» in Nova Scotia. Thus, the health benefits of the Regulations are not the number of lives «saved» per se, but rather the reduction in the average per capita risk.

    stop coal

    footnote 42 European markets are shrinking and are already being supplied by countries with lower production costs, while growth markets in Asia are expected to be supplied by their own domestic production as well as cost-competitive Indonesian, Russian and Australian exports. Consequently, Canadian thermal coal exports are unlikely to increase and most Canadian thermal coal mines that supply domestic consumption are not expected to continue to operate after the Amendments come into effect. Accelerating the closure of coal-fired generating units will reduce GHG and air pollutant emissions from the electricity sector, which will result in avoided climate change damage in the future and improved air quality. Compliance with the Amendments will result in higher costs to supply customers with electricity in the policy scenario relative to the baseline scenario. Consumers will respond to higher prices by using less electricity in the policy scenario than in the baseline scenario, which will reduce consumer welfare. The compliance costs to electricity providers and welfare loss of consumers will be the social cost of the Amendments.

    So Why Are We Building New Thermal Coal Mines?

    The stakeholder requested additional information to better understand consumer-level impacts upon households and businesses in their jurisdiction. The Department followed up with this stakeholder to provide a more detailed breakdown of impacts. The stakeholder also commented that if their province opts to import electricity from a neighbouring province, that this could be viewed as a «wealth transfer» from one jurisdiction to another, without any ability to return these costs to the economy of origin.

    The reduction in concentrations of ozone and PM may benefit the health of forest ecosystems and may reduce the risk of illness or premature death within sensitive wildlife or livestock populations. This will potentially result in reduced treatment costs and economic losses for the agri-food industry. However, due to limitations in data and methodology, these benefits could not be quantified in the AQVM2 model. Most of the incremental costs of the Amendments will occur in the four provinces directly affected by the Regulations, shown in Table 11 in the «Distributional impact analysis» section below. There will be a cost saving in other provinces due to increased electricity export revenues and reduced electricity import costs. The electricity sector is a regulated monopoly in Nova Scotia, with most electricity generation and transmission assets owned by Nova Scotia Power Inc., a privately owned utility.

    There are, however, six previously approved leases for coal exploration that won’t be rescinded. There are currently hundreds of new drill sites and hundreds of kilometres of new roads that are a direct result of the removal of the coal policy. The comment period for the first phase of the provincial environmental assessment has ended.But you can still speak up to demand a federal environmental assessment of this huge mine. On Canada’s Agriculture Day many southern Alberta farmers are calling on the Alberta government to put the brakes on coal mining, until public consultations are finished, and all issues have been examined. In addition to their big climate impacts, Teck’s mines are sending dangerous water pollution downstream, putting fish in danger not just locally, but into the US as well.

    In the Netherlands, Robeco said in September that it plans to bar investments in the most environmentally harmful fossil fuels from its mutual funds by the end of the year, one of the first money managers to do so. Keith Stewart is a senior energy strategist for Greenpeace Canada, and a lecturer on energy and environmental policy at the University of Toronto. In a debate on CBC radio in 2014, former Alberta Energy Minister and current Conservative MP Ron Liepert repeatedly called me an «extremist» for calling for an end to new fossil fuel projects. As each of us struggles to make our own personal decisions about what we think is best for our families, let’s engage with others respectfully, listen to those who have a differing point of view, and engage in responsible discourse to choose what is genuinely the best decision. You are welcome to–and encouraged–to share your views with your provincial and federal elected representatives.

    • 1 The definition calendar year in subsection 2 of the Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Coal-fired Generation of Electricity Regulations footnote 1 is repealed.
    • Require a federal environmental assessment on the massive expansion of the Vista Coal Mine.
    • There has been a longstanding narrative that climate mitigation and adaptation is in conflict with a robust economy.
    • Costs for replacement capacity and decommissioning occur in both the baseline and policy scenarios, though at different times.
    • Benga estimates that 385 long term jobs would be created, creating $140 million and $210 million in provincial and federal corporate income taxes, respectively.

    The regulated performance standard approach provides necessary regulatory certainty for the electricity sector at a time when the sector is facing major capital stock turnover. As an update to an existing regulation, it is administratively simple, ensures the phase-in of lower- or non-emitting types of generation and it provides more certain economic signals to decision makers considering new or replacement power generation plants. In addition, through consultation, industry and provincial stakeholders, in spite of having specific concerns, have expressed broad support of the regulated performance standard approach. The Government considered all concerns raised during the consultation process and adjusted the Amendments, as appropriate. Importing electricity from Quebec would less expensive than generating it with a natural gas-fired unit, but more expensive than generating it with a coal-fired power plant. As a result, increasing imports of hydroelectricity from Quebec when coal plants retire would result in lower electricity prices. Despite United States’s actions at the federal level, market forces and state-level climate change policies are expected to continue driving a decrease in coal use in the United States’s power sector. Coal provided 30% of United States’s electricity generation in 2016, down from 48%, compared to 2008.

    McIntyre Porcupine Mines Ltd. is granted a mining permit for mining on Caw Ridge. The Town of Grande Cache is developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s to accommodate the 1,500 workers at McIntyre Mines Ltd. The Environment Conservation Authority submitted over 200 recommendations to the government.

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