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  • spa slippers manufacturer

     Justin Bieber can’t get enough of his hotel slippers.  The singer, 24, stepped out on Friday with wife Hailey Baldwin, 22, wearing his most over-the-top pair yet: mink Louis Vuitton slides that retail for $1,520

     The newlyweds were reportedly on their way to a therapy session, but Bieber stopped to pose for the cameras and point out his designer house shoes

    He also took a moment to show off two diamond-encrusted smiley-face pendant necklaces, designed after the logo for his clothing line, Drew house slippers wholesale

     In a recent cover story for Vogue, the couple laid out their struggles with marriage, depression and drugs

     »The thing is, marriage is very hard,» Baldwin told the magazine. «That is the sentence you should lead with

    It’s really effing hard.»  »I got really depressed on tour,» Bieber recalled. «I haven’t talked about this, and I’m still processing so much stuff that I haven’t talked about

    I was lonely. I needed some time.»  The two also admitted that they are working through issues in couples therapy

     While Baldwin wore a pair of black vinyl pants, a black sweater, an oversized denim jacket and white sneakers, Bieber completed his comfy look with sweatpants, a yellow Drew House T-shirt and a blue sweatshirt

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