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  • NRL investigates Curtis Scott pub incident

    The NRL is investigating an incident at a Canberra hotel involving Raiders centre Curtis Scott.

    CCTV footage has emerged of Scott in an alleged altercation last Sunday night

    The Raiders became aware of the incident when notified by media outlets on Sunday afternoon, and have since referred it to the integrity unit.

    Scott has endured a dramatic 18-month stint at the Raiders.

    He was tasered by NSW police on Australia Day last year and charged with resisting arrest before the case was thrown out in court.

    The most recent incident comes as another unwanted drama for the Canberra club.

    They have finalised an ugly exit for halfback George Williams, who was released immediately after struggling with homesickness.

    Williams had asked for a release at the end of 2021 from the final season of his three-year deal, Keluaran HK but was instead let go immediately.

    Scott was one of several players to like a post from Williams last month which claimed the club had «kicked (him) out the door» instead of supporting him.

    Josh Hodgson is also uncertain about his future, insistent he still has years in him as a starting hooker.

    Forward Joseph Tapine’s wife was also caught in a club scandal, questioning coach Ricky Stuart’s interchange tactics earlier in the year.

    Canberra have sunk to 14th on the NRL ladder, winning one of their past eight games.

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