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  • Gas, Diesel, And Service Stations

    The Benga and Montem proposed mines are on existing mine sites that were not properly reclaimed after their initial closure and there has been a long history of industrial developments being abandoned and not reclaimed in Alberta. One of the key questions is whether selenium and nitrates produced as a result of having a mine in the eastern slopes of Alberta would be diluted enough by the Oldman Reservoir to buffer the negative impacts to all those who live downstream. While we currently do not know the answer, we can look at the Koocanusa Reservoir downstream of the Teck mining complex for an indication of what we would expect if the aforementioned mining projects are approved. A recent study by the US Geological Survey found elevated levels of selenium and nitrates in the Kootenai River, downstream of the Koocanusa Reservoir. However, further downstream from the mine it was found that levels were much lower—sometimes even below scientific guidelines for flowing water—than they were immediately downstream of the mining complex, thanks to dilution. When considering and extrapolating this example to our situation in Alberta, it must be considered that the Koocanusa Reservoir is substantially larger than the Oldman Reservoir. Our water system also has different dynamics than that of our neighbours, so we do not know exactly how water quality downstream on the Oldman River would be affected, along with the those who rely on the water for daily use, agriculture, industry, and habitat. The 1976 Coal Policy was one of the only prescriptive, sector-specific policies.

    • Petro-Canada Mobility Build your cell phone plan with custom plans starting from $15/month.
    • The anticipated cumulative GHG emission reductions of about 94 Mt CO2e will be achieved at an estimated cost of $2.0 billion, or $21 per tonne of CO2e from 2019–2055, as shown in Table 10.
    • The values in tables 6.A , 6.B , and 6.C , sum to the values presented in Table 6.
    • The project includes a surface mine, associated infrastructure, haul road, and three settling ponds.

    The qualified person referred to in paragraph or shall record the results of the tests in a hoisting machinery record book kept for that purpose. the breaking strength of the rope has decreased to 85 per cent of the breaking strength for the rope set out in the manufacturer’s certificate referred to in subsection 69. The ends of the rope sample referred to in subsection and of the test piece referred to in subsection shall be bound with soft wire to prevent them from unravelling. The employer shall keep the physician’s certificate referred to in paragraph at the coal mine in which the hoist operator who is the subject of the certificate works. where the gradient of a roadway referred to in paragraph exceeds 5.2 per cent, the employer shall set out in writing and keep at the entrance to the roadway procedures that specify the speed limits and safety control measures for trips and mobile equipment on that roadway. 59The mine manager shall prepare in writing and implement safe procedures for the operation of cages, trips and mobile equipment underground. The mechanical work and the electrical work required by the plans referred to in subsection shall be carried out by mine mechanics and mine electricians, respectively.

    Application Process For Mines

    One industry stakeholder suggested that the Amendments should align the timing of the federal phase-out of conventional coal with Alberta’s phase-out . This stakeholder suggested that the federal phase-out date conflicts with the agreements between the Government of Alberta and provincial coal operators, which included transition payments to the companies under the Climate Leadership Plan. In addition, a province indicated that the Regulations require more flexible timelines to phase out coal and transition to renewable electricity alternatives. They proposed delaying the coal phase-out by a decade to allow enough time to deploy feasible and least-cost alternatives such as nuclear or hydro.

    stop coal

    We also touched on global issues, and bilateral issues such as jobs, climate change, and trade. Bobbi Lambright of the Livingstone Landowners Group wrote that a federal review will do a better job examining a mine’s potential impact on the headwaters of rivers that local people depend on. «Any pollution of creates a significant adverse effect on the health and safety of Kainai’s members,» the band wrote.

    Market Snapshot: Canadas Retiring Coal

    The chief electrician shall supervise the implementation of the electrical aspects of the plans referred to in subsection . The chief mechanic shall supervise the implementation of the mechanical aspects of the plans referred to in subsection . The plans referred to in subsection and any changes in those plans shall be certified by an engineer. 50Where flammable gases are discharged from a methane drainage system in an area, a barricade shall be installed in a location where the concentration of flammable gas does not exceed 2 per cent, to prevent access to the area by unauthorized persons. 49Where live tests are performed on electrical equipment in an area, a guard or fence shall be installed for the protection of the employees, and no unauthorized person shall enter the area unless the electrical equipment is locked out.

    stop coal

    These mining projects will contaminate headwaters that supply drinking and farming water to millions of people across the Prairies. to stop undermining Alberta by halting coal projects, present and future, and demand the protection of Rockies and rivers for generations to come. This group has developed a double-sided flyer with information and pictures about what is in store for us if the coal mines on the Eastern Slopes become a reality. To her credit, unlike most of B.C.’s environmental elite, McCrory turned on the government at the end of CORE and denounced its protected-area plans as woefully insufficient. McCrory, unlike the rest of B.C.’s environmental elite, joined Carr and George in supporting the Green Party of British Columbia in the next election. McCrory and her allies, like Ric Careless of the World Wildlife Fund , worried that their park-creation agenda would be hurt if people like Lewis shaped the discourse. Beginning in 1989, Lewis had been showcasing mathematical models of atmospheric change showing that a rapidly changing climate would destroy B.C.’s old-growth trees «whether they are cut down or not». «I would say the biggest driver of climate emissions right now is sprawl, just because of the way it increases transportation emissions — which is the largest source of climate pollution in the province,» Schreiner told me earlier this week.

    In our statement, we highlighted what peer reviewed science indicates would be the likely impacts of this project and pointed out some areas where more research and/or information is needed. Athabasca Bioregional Society — Ecojustice requested the minister to use their discretion and to designate the mine for an assessment even though it slipped past the regulations. In the end, the expansion just barely squeaked by under the requirements for an environmental assessment — raising red flags for concerned parties. revised estimate less than three months later — which left some wondering if it was intentionally done so the project could fit under the 50-per-cent threshold and avoid a federal assessment. 435 million tonnes of thermal coal in 2018, according to the International Energy Agency. $15.7 million in royalties earned on coal production in 2017, though this figure has been declining in recent years. Nova Scotia’s growth in renewable electricity has been largely through the development of wind power.

    We encourage the Alberta Government to implement that plan and to use it as a model for other subregional plans in accordance with the Alberta Land Stewardship Act. Current exploration for coal in the Livingstone-Porcupine Hills violates the limits and thresholds of the land footprint management plan. The Southern Alberta Group for the Environment appreciates the decision of the Government of Alberta to conduct public consultations on the Coal Policy.

    Call For An End To Thermal Coal

    There are currently six open-pit or «mountaintop removal» mines proposed for southwest Alberta that are already in varying stages of the regulatory process. If built, this mine will be on Category 4 land, which always allowed for potential coal development, and in fact the particular land in question was mined 60 years ago and later abandoned. In this Opinion piece to Canadians, McKibben argues that Canada must keep its bitumen in the ground to help avoid runaway climate change. Understandably, it may be a bit galling to the Government of Alberta for the province to be singled out as a major contributor of carbon dioxide and methane emissions related to oil & gas production, refining, transportation and combustion as a fuel. To be fair, Mr. McKibben is consistent in his criticism of all oil & gas producers, dogwoodbc.ca as well as massive deforestation throughout the world. Regardless, based on its mandate, the CEC is expected to rise above rhetorical commentary that displeases the Government of Alberta and provide a factual narrative to a discerning public. If governments do in fact respond to this existential threat, there will be a near-term diminishing demand for coal – for thermal, metallurgical and other uses. As the last of the coal-fired electricity generation facilities are retired by 2023, the province can accumulate some social license in regards to tourism and international trade by declaring Alberta coal-free.

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