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  • Couples and astrology

    https://astrologios.com/12-houses-astrology, https://astrologios.com.

    Valentine’s Day approaches, so I decided I’d write an article regarding couples astrology. Astrology is full of questions about love and marriage. Here are some key factors that can help two people have a happy relationship.

    I did a little research with friends to compare their birth charts with their partners’. Here are my results. Most of the charts I looked at were romantic couples, but I also observed some platonic friend charts as well. The results were very close.

    Editor’s note — You will find both positive and negative elements throughout this article. Positive aspects include conjunction (unless you need to specify), trine, conjunction, as well as sextile. Negative aspects include squares, and oppositions (unless you need to specify). The explanation is here for ease of reading. Trine indicates that two piles of the earth are 120 degrees from each other, bringing comfort and ease. Conjunction refers to that two piles of the earth are at the exact same degree for the same sign. These energies combine to strengthen both. Sextile signifies that two worlds are 60 degrees away, representing the aspect of possibility. Square means that two planets are 90 degrees apart, causing tension and challenges, while opposite means that two planets are 180 degrees apart- complete opposites.

    Sun/Moon/Ascendant aspects:

    Sun/Moon/Ascendant aspects are very important in any relationship. This brings common energy into the relationship, like-mindedness. A trine, sextile or conjunction between any of these placements would be wonderful for a relationship. It indicates a smooth flow of energy between the people involved. Both personalities are similar so they can blend well and enjoy one another’s company. Conjunctions are not always positive, but they can lead to mixed results.

    However, squares or oppositions can lead to significant differences between the points. This will cause difficulties for the couple. The differences may be in personality (Sun/Ascendant) or they could be more instinctive emotional differences (Moon), but there will be differences with the square and opposition aspects.

    Venus/Moon Aspects

    Both Venus and the Moon are important personal planets. Their relationship with each other is very important. Venus is a social planet and the Moon our emotional reactions. They blend well together when positive aspects are present. Positive aspects all do well with the Moon and Venus, and many loving couples have them in their charts. Both planets have gentle energie, which makes them a great couple.

    Although they can indicate some attraction between Venus and Moon, the negative aspects are usually more indicative of a dislike for each other. Although the couple may be attracted to their partner, they are unbalanced in how they handle their emotions.

    Mercury Aspects:

    Mercury isn’t the planet most people think of when it comes to relationships. But, how can a partnership succeed without clear communication. Positive aspects between one person’s Mercury and another’s Mercury indicate easy communication. When there is a positive Mercury aspect, a couple is more likely to be able to understand each other.

    With hard or negative aspects between two people’s Mercury placements, communication is much more difficult. Mercury oppositions and squares make communication difficult. There are also common arguments, often due to misinterpretations of information or misinterpretations. Although this is not a sign of a breakup, it can make a relationship more difficult.

    Venus/Mars Aspects

    When a couple has a positive Venus/Mars aspect in their charts, the physical chemistry is undeniable. These are the lovers who love each other passionately. These couples can be intimate because they have the same physical needs and desires. Venus is able to give Mars what it wants intimately, and both planets are incredibly attracted to each other.

    Even couples who have opposing Mars or Venus signs can enjoy great chemistry. While it might seem a little rough around the edges of the relationship, Mars and Venus can be a great couple if they have other positive attributes.

    Jupiter Aspects

    Jupiter is not a perfect planet. It can bring in too many aspects and can lead to overindulgence. But it can also bring joy. Jupiter elements with personal planets are important so that the couple can feel happy around each other, but not overdo it. Jupiter aspects between two people can increase their generosity and make them feel happier.

    Jupiter squares, oppositions, and other situations are where it gets a little overwhelming. They might spend their money on gifts for each other, or they may go on vacations. The Jupiter partner will most likely be the spender impulsive.

    Saturn Aspects:

    Saturn aspects are good for relationships because they bring a healthy dose to reality. As much as they need enthusiasm and optimism, relationships also require practicality. Saturn provides some stability to the relationship, particularly with positive aspects. These aspects tend to bring stability to the relationship, which helps it last through difficult times.

    Saturn’s negative aspects are harder to deal with, but not impossible. If paired with a gentler planet like Venus or the Moon, Saturn is relatively easy in a square or opposition; the Saturn person may simply be too harsh in their criticisms of the other person.

    Uranus Aspects:

    Uranus is unpredictable and can cause chaos in any relationship it touches. For those who are looking for calmer and peace in their lives, however, this can prove to be frustrating. With the trines, textiles, and sometimes conjunctions, Uranus can bring some welcome variety and excitement, but in the case of squares and oppositions, it may be too much for one or both partners involved.

    When I was done with my research, it became clear that successful relationships contain a balance of the above aspects. Friendships and romantic relationships were more difficult than those that thrived. The relationships that failed had more negative aspects and planets. While the happy ones had stronger trines, textiles, or conjunctions with more positive planets. It is essential to balance, but it can be difficult for couples to manage too many things. What matters is that you make an effort to work through the issues and savor the good in any relationship.

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