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  • Consumers Energy

    The denial of the Grassy Mountain mine applications is an important and positive move forward. These Australian companies have indicated they will continue to push forward with their proposals for www.lasqueti.ca open pit mines in our Eastern Slopes . Insurance Bureau of Canada president Don Forgeron called the creation of the council «a win for Canada» that will help promote the «long-term growth and stability of our financial system in the face of climate change.» The National Observer has more details. Elsewhere, Brazil’s lower house of Congress has approved a controversial bill that many environmental groups contest would loosen licensing requirements for infrastructure, mining and farming projects. The move comes at a time when Brazil’s environmental record is under intense scrutiny as deforestation in the Amazon rainforest soars. Colonial Pipeline paid a nearly $5-million ransom to the Eastern European hackers that were behind the most disruptive cyberattack ever on U.S. energy infrastructure, according to a report from Bloomberg. The company made the transaction using cryptocurrency within hours after the attack, according to two people familiar with the transaction, which points to the considerable pressure faced by the Georgia-based operator to get gasoline and jet fuel flowing.

    • the quantity of air circulating dilutes the concentration of carbon dioxide to less than 1.25 per cent.
    • The OPEC oil cartel and its allied members were expected to announce this week an easement to its earlier production cuts which is likely to give fresh impetus to the industry amid soaring oil demand.
    • Require a federal environmental assessment on the massive expansion of the Vista Coal Mine.
    • The anticipated cumulative GHG emission reductions of about 94 Mt CO2e will be achieved at an estimated cost of $2.0 billion, or $21 per tonne of CO2e from 2019–2055, as shown in Table 10.

    The area is «one of the two only heavily wooded segments of the National Park comprising of mineral springs, salt springs, thermal springs, ecologically active waterholes, various dams and pans,» said the document. The mine may pollute the water sources in a perennially dry area of the park, said the document. The Zimbabwe Environmental Lawyers Association argues that the creation of a coal mine in the park by the Zimbabwe Zhongxin Mining Group Tongmao Coal Company Ltd would cause «devastating» ecological degradation and force wildlife to flee. Rogers Media uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes. The biggest U.S. banks including JPMorgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Bank of America Corp. have set some restrictions on coal investments but haven’t stopped participating in all coal deals.

    May We Have A Moment Of Your Time?

    The Teck Resources mine in the Elk Valley has been in production since the 1970′s and almost none of it has much tree cover. Soil make take hundreds of years to be replenished enough to sustain a diverse ecosystem. There’s good reason for the coal industry to think it can find a way to coexist with the 2060 pledge. When Xi began pursuing more progressive climate policies five years ago, companies began upgrading their plants to trap more of the small particulates that generate smog, and to produce more electricity from every ton of coal they burn. Chinese power companies now brag that their best coal power plants are on the same environmental level as some gas-fired units. Every year, the federal government and some provinces pay billions in hand-outs to Canada’s coal, oil and gas companies, undermining climate action in Canada.

    We understand hundreds of millions of dollars of provincial grants and federal loans to irrigation districts are involved as is the future use of a scarce and valuable public resource in a semi-arid region — water. We are concerned about potential environmental implications of the proposed project particularly on stressed aquatic ecosystems. The apparently secretive process being used to define the project and financing agreements is of concern in that it may preclude consideration of opportunities to support healthy ecosystems and human needs through shared stewardship. The Public Engagement Survey that was available to complete online from March 29 to April 19, resulted in over 25,000 completed surveys by Albertans in three weeks. The Minister acted on that recommendation and halted exploration activity effective immediately in Category 2 lands. Both the Chair of the committee and the Minister of Energy clarified that the committee is indeed independent and they are encouraged to listen to Albertan’s views regarding all effects of coal development. While this can be seen as a very positive step forward, it is interesting to note that the Terms of Reference still do not reflect this.

    Canada Pledges To Strengthen 2030 Climate Targets How Ambitious Should We Be?

    While such fuels are considered a form of renewable energy, they are often produced at the expense of food crops and require large areas of land to grow. But Cozzi said the models in the report don’t require converting forests into cropland. Large developing countries such as China, India and South Africa will require help to achieve the report’s suggestion of closing down the most polluting coal-fired power plants by 2030.

    The Amendments will require coal units to meet a stringent performance standard in 2030, and will contribute to phasing out conventional coal-fired electricity and ensuring the permanent transition from high-emitting electricity sources to low- or non-emitting sources. One environmental NGO commented that all reported data (e.g. emissions of GHGs) should be made publicly available at the unit-level. The Department noted that reported compliance data is not available to the public. However, the federal GHG Reporting Program and the National Pollutant Release Inventory are updating their reporting requirements to provide for unit-level data. Any model attempting to forecast the behaviour of millions of individuals over multiple decades is subject to uncertainty. A sensitivity analysis was conducted by changing one variable at a time while holding other variables constant to examine the risks and uncertainty of key parameters for the analysis.

    On Jan. 18 Alberta’s energy minister acknowledged the government was facing mounting opposition and announced the province was cancelling 11 coal leases and «pausing» future sales. A growing wave of grassroots opposition is challenging the Alberta government’s plans to pursue open-pit coal mining in the Canadian Rockies and encourage Australian companies to remove the tops off mountains. The UCP government says the coal policy was outdated and redundant, and eliminating it would encourage substantial new investment in a province that has been struggling with persistent unemployment since the oil-price crash of 2015 and more recently the COVID-19 pandemic. Those changes were introduced by the UCP government on the Friday of the May long weekend last year without consultation.

    In that spirit, we would ask that you support the upcoming climate accountability legislation being introduced in parliament. A coal policy should incorporate restoration and reclamation management that sustains biodiversity and watershed integrity. Strategies to achieve this are provided in the Livingstone-Porcupine Hills Land Footprint Management Plan. Corporations should provide proof of secure and sufficient funds to cover the full costs of operating impacts due to tailing pond breaches and other catastrophic failures of production, as well as end-of-project abandonment and reclamation costs. «Phasing out thermal coal is the most critical climate change issue right now,» he said. The updated proposal also calls for moving up closure of Karn 3 and 4, units that run on natural gas and fuel oil and can generate more than 1,100 MW to meet peak demand, to 2023 about eight years sooner than their design lives. Benga Mining Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Riversdale Resources Limited, is proposing to construct and operate an open-pit metallurgical coal mine near the Crowsnest Pass, approximately seven kilometres north of the community of Blairmore, in southwest Alberta. As proposed, the production capacity of the project would be a maximum of 4.5 million tonnes of processed coal per year, over a mine-life of about 25 years.

    A person who is selected as the subject of a search under this section may, instead of being searched by another person, search himself in the presence of the witnesses referred to in subsection and two witnesses of the person’s own choosing. in the case of an employee referred to in paragraph , after the employee leaves the wash house and before the employee goes underground, or at any time when the employee is underground. No person shall enter a coal mine if the person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs to such an extent as to constitute a danger to any employee. Where welding, soldering, brazing or other open-flame or heating work is carried out underground, an employee who holds a certificate as a mine examiner shall remain in attendance at the location where the work was carried out for a period of 24 hours after the work ceases. 140Where a locked-flame safety lamp is damaged underground, the flame shall be extinguished and the lamp shall not be relit underground. 138All electrical equipment that is used underground shall be intrinsically safe or shall be flameproof. A water barrier referred to in subsection shall contain not less than 200 L of water per square metre of area of the roadway that it serves. Where an electrical machine or electrical equipment is operated at a longwall face, a methanometer shall be installed at each end of the face and one of those methanometers shall be installed as near to the return brushing face as is practicable.

    People in this province came together and forced the government to stop and take note. 18,000 Canadians recently signed a petition tabled in the House of Commons asking the federal government to step in and assess the current development. Many of the protesters say the plans pose a threat to the area’s land and water.

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