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  • 4 Tips For Using Tape To Leave Your Competition In The Dust

    These sports tapes have many benefits where they protect your injury, help you recover in a speedy manner, etc. But if you are unsure about the type of tape you should be choosing, check out some aspects discussed in the following sentences to get an idea related to this. Sony has developed WORM-enabled as well as simple rewritable AIT 5 tapes. Part numbers of backward compatible Sony AIT tapes are sdx2-50c (AIT2 50GB rewritable tape), SDX2-50W (AIT2 50GB WORM tape), SDX2-36C (AIT2 36GB tape), SDX1-35C (AIT1 35GB tape) and SDX1-25C (AIT1 25GB tape). Part numbers of Sony AIT3 tapes are SDX3-100C (rewritable cartridge) and PerformTex SDX3-100W (WORM cartridge). Robustness of Sony AIT3 tape’s base film is enhanced with a unique DLC (diamond like carbon) protective layer. In order to ensure superior data integrity and consistent performance, Sony has incorporated an automated head cleaning system in AIT3 drive. Its special WORM functionality ensures superior data integrity by recording the data in a non-erasable and over-write protected format. Sony AIT-5 drive’s exclusive «dynamic tracking» system ensures optimized storage performance and maximizes the output frequency. An innovative tape buckling system has been incorporated in Quantum SDLT 1 cartridge that optimizes the performance during high duty cycles, making it the perfect option for automated computing environments.

    SDLT tape format’s scalable roadmap secures your investment and facilitates the organizations to grow with their backup needs. Frank Miller is the Marketing Manager of Backuptape and markets SDLT tape and Quantum SDLT 1 tape. Quantum products are precision-engineered with a focus on long term reliability, speed and superior quality. AIT technology has received high acclaim from IT managers across the globe for its superior robustness, greater cost efficiency and compactness. The SMB industry turns to AIT backup tape technology that provides unbeatable reliability and superior storage value. Sony is an industry leader in data storage market. Sony is a market leader in consumer electronics and backup storage products. TDK LTO-1 Cartridge is also included with a leader pin in position and tape casing is firmly blocked and tape to run feely during very hard working operations. As a result, the drive and media can perform reliable backup operations over a longer time period. The result is that your valuable data can be reliably preserved for longer time period without any fear of accidental over-writings or malicious data deletions. Average media loading time of Sony AIT-5 drive is 52 seconds, whereas it can perform data searching at a staggering rate of 2,700 MB/second.

    It achieves an exceptional 4.8 Mbps compressed throughput rate. Sony AIT 5 drives feature 24 Mbps native throughput rate. Sony was the first company to introduce the fourth generation DDS4 tape drives. New generation of Sony LTO 5 media tape is a most advanced and latest reliable addition to Sony’s long line of excellent and smart storage media and LTO Ultrium tape drives solutions. Imation 16598 LTO 2, is next generation of LTO Ultrium tape with improved data security and ability to store more data with best speed, also improved with overall productivity of the LTO tape and boosts the LTO technology with excellent and reliable performance. A Linear Tape-Open (LTO) 8 external drive, it incorporates a single drive mechanism in a compact external chassis to enable reliable, economical high-capacity data backups, storing as much as 30 TB per LTO Ultrium 8 cartridge. Sony AIT-3 cartridge is much more compact than other competing backup tapes. Sony AIT tape products include scalable automated libraries, high speed tape drives and compact tape cartridges. The rival tape drives provide up to 250,000 hrs. Quick file restoration and media load/unload are vital, especially with time-critical applications.

    The latest version of the successful AIT format is AIT-5 tape, which is well-suited for government agencies, midrange computing systems, financial institutions, small businesses and time-critical applications. Sony AIT 5 drives feature a remarkable capability to efficiently perform write-and-read operations on AIT 4 tape, AIT 3 tape and AIT-3Ex tape cartridges as well. So you can use AIT-4, AIT-3 EX and AIT-3 tapes with AIT-5 drives, and confidently perform both read and write operations. It cannot only read the previous three generations of DDS, but can also write data with greater reliability. The excellent improvements in recording ability improve data storage capacity in Maxell 229323 LTO 5 tape with massive 1.5TB native and 3.0TB with compressed through fast and most secure transfer speed of 140MB/Sec native and 280MB/Sec with compressed data. The TDK standard LTO technology was originally release in year 2000, and the since 2002, linear tape open become the best selling magnetic tape format and is widely utilized through SMBs and SMEs and larger computer servers around the world.

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